K & M Micro-Adjustable Neck Turner

729,00 DKK

Model/Varenr.: KMMANT
Lagerstatus: Udsolgt - Forvent leveringstid: ca. 14-21 hverdage.

Includes shell holder retainer, power adapter, and handle.

Select the correct Mandrel (Pilot) and install in tool; the amount of Pilot protrusion can be adjusted for proper neck length. Caution:
Do not "crash" the hardened Pilot and Cutter together. Index marks are stamped on body and adjustment knob.
Rotate adjustment clockwise to advance the cutter. Each index mark (30° apart) equals .0002" Cutter movement.
Initial setting of cutter is done by completely removing the cutter and adjustment knob. (Loosen Cutter clamp screw.)
Screw Cutter half way or more into knob; install this assembly into tool. (Pay attention to Cutter orientation).
With only gentle pressure, push the adjustment knob into tool while turning it counter clockwise.
You will see the cutter quickly advance toward the pilot.
Continue until the cutter is .025" to .050" from the Pilot.
Then turn the adjustment knob clockwise and the Cutter will advance at a slower rate of .002" per turn.
Slip a case on the pilot and continue to turn the adjustment knob clockwise until it touches brass.
Simply advance it to remove the desired amount of brass. (Tighten Cutter clamp screw.)


It is proper to turn each case twice at same setting to get the desired dimension.

Clamping case in shell holder can be done hand tight or a cross pin hole is provided so you can use the Allen wrench for additional leverage.
Never use the power adapter with a high speed drill - use only a cordless screwdriver, slow speed drill, or by hand.

A dab of Imperial Die Wax on the Pilot will ease the turning.
Do not use the Pilot dry - lube is required or the brass will gall.
High speed will generate too much heat and steel expands (cal. 30 pilot + .0001"/50°F).
Metal must be kept cool for any precision machining.
This operation is no exception.