K & M Expand Iron

119,00 DKK

Model/Varenr.: KMEXPIRC
Lagerstatus: Udsolgt - Forvent leveringstid: ca. 14-21 hverdage.

This tool can also be used to expand up to a larger caliber; great for the Wildcatters.

To remove the DREADED DOUGH-NUT, adjust the bottom screw to stop the NECK EXPANSION just short of the DOUGH-NUT.

Then the neck is the correct size for the K & M FLUTED CARBIDE neck turner pilot to remove said Dough-Nut.

Mandrels are available in cal. .17, .19, .20, .22, 6mm, .25, 6.5mm, .270, 7mm, .30, and .338.

Each Mandrel has an adjustment screw to bottom-out in the Brass before the case mouth can hit the mandrel's shoulder.