Gun Digest Book of Sporting Optics

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  • Optics use is growing beyond the hunting world and crossing into wildlife watching. This unique reference provides specific recommendations for the most popular recreational optics including binoculars, firearm scopes, and spotting scopes. 

    Optics users are provided with practical comparisons between competing products and pros and cons about whether to buy new or used, helping them get the best deal. Objective reviews of optical accessories help readers decide which are best for their needs. 

    This entertaining, useful read utilizes lively writing and anecdotes from the field, untangles the technical jargon of the optics industry, and offers steps for greater success. 

    • Brings the world of optics into clear, understandable terms 
    • Compares popular optics to help make better buying decisions 
    • Offers pros and cons of buying new or used 
    • Provides objective reviews of optics accessories 
    • Describes history and mechanics of optics developmen