Gunsmithing At Home

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Gunsmithing At Home: Lock, Stock & Barrel is a complete step-by-step fully illustrated guide to the art of gunsmithing. Gunsmiths repair, refinish and/or customize any type of firearm. In the majority of cases, it's a matter of replacing broken or worn out parts. The remaining 25% of a gunsmith's work deals with customizing existing firearms. Gunsmithing At Homeisn't just for the professional; it's designed to give comprehensive assistance to many levels of expertise. Hundreds of photographs and illustrations tied into the clearly written text will guide the gunsmith through setting up his shop to solving the problem at hand -- including cleaning firearms, installing and adjusting rifle sights, trigger adjustments and repairs, firearms disassembly, soldering and brazing, metal hardening and tempering, making and fitting replacement parts, rebluing and browning gun metal, metal polishing, stockwork-shaping, and more! Gunsmithing At Homeis the do-it-yourself reference guide and "how-to" book for anyone interested in the art and craft of gunsmithing.