Famous Firearms of the Old West

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More than a few of the actual guns once in the hands of the heroes and villains of America's Old West still exist, housed in a dozen museums across the country - from the Model 1866 .44-40 that Chief Joseph famously surrendered to General Miles (now on display in the National Museum of the American Indian) to Wild Bill Hickok's Colt Model 1851 revolvers; from Buffalo Bill's .50 caliber breechloading needlegun nicknamed 'Lucrezia Borgia' (the last pieces of which are housed in his eponymous museum in Cody) to John Wesley Hardin's 1860 model .44 SA revolvers. This is a vivid portrait of famous Western characters, paired with the guns they used to make themselves famous or, as the case may be, infamous. It is a must for anyone interested in the history and lore of the Wild West, gun hobbyists, and tourists seeking a museum experience with a difference.