Big-Bore Revolvers

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Is bigger better? You bet it is, when it's a big-bore revolver!Big-Bore Revolvers offers a one-stop resource for the wheelgun novice to the hardened sixgun veteran. With in-depth coverage of commercial and wildcat calibers and their effectiveness, theoretical and actual application of terminal ballistics and a detailed look at today's available revolver platforms, this is the most comprehensive book ever published on the topic.

  • One-stop resource about big-bore revolvers
  • Comprehensive look at dozens of oversized cartridges, their designers and ballistics
  • Detailed descriptions of the power-house revolvers that can handle big-bore loads
  • More than 250 full-color photos, highlighting cartridge comparisons and revolvers
  • Big and dangerous game and the revolvers needed to take them on!

With a special look at the pioneers behind the big-bore revolution, and hunt stories as giant as the guns and cartridges themselves, Big-Bore Revolvers is one book every handgun hunter will want to read cover to cover. Authored by big-bore revolver aficionado Max Prasac, and with collaboration from John Parker and Jack Huntington, two of the most authoritative names in big-bore revolver circles, this compendium of facts, history and first-hand experiences behind the sights fills a long-vacant niche.