RCBS AmmoMaster 50 BMG Single Stage Kit

7.299,00 DKK

Model/Varenr.: RCBS88700
Lagerstatus: Udsolgt - Forvent leveringstid: ca. 14-21 hverdage.

The new BMG Pack makes life much simpler for the reloader getting into shooting the big 50 (Browning Machine Gun) cartridge.


This kit includes the press, dies and accessory items all in one box, ready to go.


And you save money over buying the parts separately.


The press is the powerful AmmoMaster Single Stage rigged for 1 1/2" dies. This press has a massive 1 1/2" solid steel ram and plenty of height for the fifty.


Along with the press the kit has a set of RCBS 50 BMG, 1 1/2" reloading dies (full-length sizer and seater), shell holder, ram priming unit and a trim die.


The only extras you need are the rifle, components and the will to shoot this very serious cartridge.