Lee Auto-Disk Powder Measure

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Model/Varenr.: LEE90578
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Lee Auto Disk Powder Measure designed primarily to reload handgun cases.


Used with the Powder Through Expanding Die, Short Charging Die and Large Charging Die. 


Includes 4 disks to adjust your charges with:


Disk A = .30 to .43 cc
Disk B = .46 to .66 cc
Disk C = .71 to 1.02 cc
Disk D = 1.09 to 1.57 cc



If you are using the Auto-Disk Powder Measure on the Classic Turret Press, remember to also order the Auto-Disk Riser.

The riser raises the Auto Disk powder measure higher above the mounting location on the Turret Press to provide clearance for use of the Safety Prime.