Forster Co-Ax Primer Seater

859,00 DKK

Model/Varenr.: FR011521
Lagerstatus: Udsolgt - Forvent leveringstid: ca. 14-21 hverdage.

There are other primer seaters on the market, but none quite like our exclusive Forster Co-Ax Primer Seater.
Unlike other seaters, ours is designed so the operator can eliminate all slop when working with a specific cartridge.
That translates into perfect seating, reliable ignition and reduced misfires. 

No additional shell holders are required.
The E-Z-Just jaws close to securely grip most modern rifle and pistol cases with a rim thickness of .045″ to .072″. 

Other features include a built-in primer flipper tray. Large and small primer tubes have an open slot and primers stack sideways for added safety.