Guns Illustrated - 2007

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  • The latest models, newest accessories and news about advanced capabilities of today's firearms fill the pages of this top choice among gun enthusiasts. With exclusive coverage of currently produced firearms and accessories, "Guns Illustrated 2007" is as up-to-date as it gets! This all-inclusive resource gives collectors and shooters the retail pricing and essential gun specifications they need to make buying firearms easy. In this choice gun guide, collectors will discover: thousands of easy-to-read listings with pricing and production; specifications about the newest rifles, shotguns, airguns, muzzleloaders and accessories; innovative "gundex" reference section that simplifies the task of identifying one model from another; and, more than 1,500 detailed photos to assist with accurate identification of guns. Shooters and collectors wanting to know what's "new" will find all they need in this book.