Lyman Brass Smith Case Trim Xpress

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Model/Varenr.: LY7862016
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Lyman’s Case Trim Xpress gives rifle reloaders the speed and accuracy that they have been looking for when trimming cases!
The unit has its own power source, and a strong variable speed motor, so there is no need to use power drills or pur- chase separate motors .
By using bushings that contact on the shoulder of bottle neck type cases, the Case Trim Xpress will quickly and cleanly trim your brass by simply pushing the case against the long lasting carbide cutter .
The trimmer comes with a set of 10 bushings (in orange type below) designed to fit most popular bot- tleneck rifle cases .
The bushings support and center the case with the cutter . No pilots are needed!  The bushings are spring loaded to provide a smooth, effortless cut; and allow the user to trim approximately 15 cases per minute .
In addition, the Case Trim Xpress is equipped with an adjustment wheel, which allows case lengths to easily be “dialed in” to .001” increments .
Plus the Case Trim Xpress is made with a compact, low profile housing that doesn’t eat up all of your bench space . 

  • Fast and accurate trims – approximately 15 cases per minute 

  • Variable speed motor and ultra-sharp, long lasting carbide cutter 

  • Utilizes case shoulders to center & trim(Not for use on straight wall cases) 

  • Comes with 10 bushings fitting most popular bottleneck rifle cartridges 

  • Smooth spring-loaded operation gives clean, chatter-free trims 

  • Compact, low profile design uses minimal bench space 

  • No pilots needed


Bushings incl. with trimmer:

#3 ( .223 Rem, .17 Rem, .204 Ruger, .221 Fireball, .222 Rem, . 222 Rem Mag,5 .56 x 45)
#4 (300 AAC,17 Rem Fireball)
#5 (30 30 Win,6 .8 Rem SPC,22 Nosler,24 Nosler,224 Valkyrie)
#8 (22-250 Rem,250 Savage,35 Remington)
#9 (6mm Rem,7mm Mauser,8mm Mauser,257 Roberts)
#10 (30/06,25/06,270 Win, .280 Rem,35 Whelen,6 .5 Swedish)
#12 ( .308 Win, .243 Win, .260 Rem,7mm/08,338 Federal, 358 Win,300 Savage,9 .3 x 62,6x47 Lapua,6 XC,6 .5x47 Lap .)
#13 (6 .5mm Creedmoor,6mm Creedmoor,6mm BR Norma, .22 BR,6mm Dasher) 
#18 ( .300 Win Mag, .264 Win Mag,7mm Rem Mag, 7mm STW, .308 Norma Mag, .338 Win Mag) 
#23 ( .300 WSM, .325 WSM, .270 WSM,7mm WSM)