Lyman Carbide Expander/Decapping Rod Assembly

299,00 DKK

The Lyman Deluxe Carbide expander and decapping rod assembly features a super hard and slick carbide expander button with an adjustable positioning sleeve.
The carbide button will offer easier extraction through case necks, which will help prevent case stretching and lessen case trimming.
This will provide greater case life.
The carbide button also floats free on the rod to allow for self-centering in the case neck.
The button can be adjusted into two positions on the rod.
This will allow it to be positioned for various cases of given calibers. It will also allow the user to adjust when the button pulls through the case neck so the press linkage can be positioned for better leverage.

  • Super hard and slick carbide expander button
  • Fits all Lyman rifle sizing dies
  • Carbide button can be adjusted for height
  • Carbide free floats on the rod for self-centering in case necks
  • Replaceable decapping pin